Are Blue Balls Real? Understanding Epididymal Hypertension & What Causes Blue Balls

are blue balls real epididymal hypertension

Unbelievable as it might sound, there is a real condition called blue balls. But despite hearing that phrase from time to time, not everyone knows what it is exactly — much less what to do about it.

Today, we’ll break down what it means to have blue balls, signs of blue balls, and some of the common and effective treatments. 

What Are Blue Balls (Epididymal Hypertension)?

When someone says they have blue balls, that person is referring to a condition called epididymal hypertension or EH. 

Some doctors might use the term acute scrotal pain or chronic epididymitis as not to dismiss other issues that might be causing a patient pain in that region.

Blue balls—as hinted by its name—generally affect the testicles. Symptoms of blue balls include mild pain or aching in the testicular area. Some claim to find a faint blue tint in their testicles, hence the name.

What Causes Blue Balls?

To understand what causes blue balls, we must first discuss how erections work.

When a man is sexually aroused, there is increased blood flow to the penis and testicles. The expansion of blood vessels is what causes the penis to become erect. After orgasm, excess blood is released and the penis returns to its normal state.

A man gets blue balls when he has prolonged sexual arousal and couldn’t release the tension. 

This causes fluids to get trapped in the epididymis. And when that happens, a man can experience pain or discomfort in the testicles.

It occurs when a man fails to reach an orgasm during sex or when a man is aroused and couldn’t find a way to ejaculate.

The pain will typically last a couple of minutes. Though in rare cases, it can go on for hours. There is a case where a 14-year-old male was rushed to the emergency department after reporting scrotal pain that lasted an hour and a half.

According to Dr. Roger Henderson, blue balls are more likely to appear in young men if they become aroused easily or if they practice masturbation techniques that delay orgasm. But for most men, this is a rare occurrence.

Effective Ways to Treat Blue Balls

causes and effective ways to treat blue balls men

Here’s the good news: Blue balls will go away on their own. 

It’s not something you’d normally have to go to the doctor for, unless you’ve been experiencing other sexual dysfunctions like erectile dysfunction or premature ejaculation. But there are things you could do the next time you experience blue balls:

  1. Get an Orgasm — Having an orgasm will release blood from the penis and relieve you of testicular pain. If you don’t have a partner, masturbation will achieve the same result.
  2. Have a Cold Shower — A cold shower will restrict the blood flow to the male genitals.
  3. Distract Yourself — Any distraction that’ll free you from sexual frustration will do. Your goal is to move away from a state of sexual arousal so that the penis returns to its normal state.
  4. Exercise — Physical activity will redirect blood flow to other parts of your body.
  5. Apply Warm Compress — Warm compress will help you relieve blue balls.

Are Blue Balls Dangerous? When Cause for Concern May Be Warranted

It’s perfectly normal for teens and young men to experience blue balls, especially if caused by sexual frustration. 

However, when the pain on one or both testicles is constant regardless of what situation you’re in, it could be caused by another medical condition.

If that’s the case, you should consult a medical professional as quickly as possible. Your painful symptoms might come as a result of a more serious problem.

Here’s a list of other possible causes of pain or discomfort in the testicles:

  • Diabetic Neuropathy — This is a type of nerve damage that occurs when someone has diabetes.
  • Epididymitis — This occurs when the tube behind the testicles (epididymis) gets swollen.
  • Kidney Stones — Aside from testicular pain, you’ll also feel a burning sensation while urinating as well as nausea and vomiting.
  • Testicular Cancer — This occurs when malignant cells develop in your testicle’s tissues.
  • Orchitis — This happens when there’s an inflammation in one or both of the testicles.

There’s also testicular torsion which is a medical emergency that might require immediate surgery. This is caused by a quick twisting of the testicles which cuts off blood flow to the testicles.

Blue Balls Relation to Sexual Pressure and Performance

Some men would ask women to have sex with them under the pretense of suffering from blue balls. It must be pointed out that sex isn’t required to relieve a man of any heaviness/aching discomfort. 

While having an orgasm might ease the tension, this can be achieved through masturbation or by simply distracting oneself from arousal.

No one should be pressured into having sex because of blue balls.

Also, blue balls do not affect sexual performance. There’s no evidence to suggest that it affects how long sex lasts or that it has any impact on orgasm and sensation.

What is Blue Bean?

Did you know that women can suffer from blue balls too? 

The female equivalent is called blue bean. In some circles, this condition is referred to as blue vulva, blue uterus, or pink pelvis. 

According to Shelby Sells, a sex coach and resident expert at WOO More Play, those with vaginas will experience it when blood flow to the genitals increase with sexual arousal.

This condition affects the clitoris. It shares the same principles as blue balls. Blood rushes to the female genitals when aroused. And when they fail to reach an orgasm, it will have the same effect as epididymal hypertension.

Blue Balls and Sexual Dysfunction

blue balls and sexual dysfunction ed clinic root causes

Blue balls is not a precursor of impotence or sexual dysfunction and shouldn’t be treated as such. 

If you’re experiencing problems getting an erection, it will have nothing to do with epididymal hypertension. 

To understand the root causes of potential sexual issues, you should seek advice from a men’s clinic specializing in sexual health.

A doctor might recommend treatments like low testosterone therapy or provide a weight loss program that’s best suited for you. 

Contact Atlanta’s Top ED Clinic to Determine Underlying Causes of Sexual Dysfunction

Blue balls is not a condition that requires medical attention. It would go away on its own once the excess blood remaining in the penis recirculates back to the rest of your body.

But if you want instant relief, you can try masturbating or having sex to achieve an orgasm. If that’s not possible, you can try taking a cold bath or taking your mind out of your state of arousal through exercise or any other physical activity.

If the pain persists after achieving an orgasm or if it occurs even if your penis isn’t erect, it’s best to consult a doctor as it might point to another condition.

The medical professionals at Priority Men’s Medical Center specialize in treating conditions that impact men’s health. Our concierge approach positions your unique case at the centerpoint of our focus. We treat the underlying issues that led to conditions such as ED, Low Testosterone, and more. Contact our office today to schedule an appointment.

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