Can Belly Fat Cause Erectile Dysfunction?

can belly fat cause erectile dysfunction

Losing weight is something that we all strive to achieve for a variety of reasons, but can belly fat cause erectile dysfunction? The short answer is, it can. Not only does an ever-growing waistline increase the number on the scale, it also increases the risk of all sorts of health conditions, including erectile dysfunction (ED).

What many people don’t realize is that erectile dysfunction is often a symptom of underlying health issues. While some men experience ED because of poor blood circulation and heart issues, others have an inability to get or maintain an erection because of excess fat.

Being overweight or obese is known to increase the risk of all sorts of health issues, including diabetes, heart disease, high blood pressure, and high cholesterol. There may also be a connection between being overweight and ED as well.

Wondering can belly fat cause erectile dysfunction? Want to know does losing weight help erectile dysfunction? Keep reading to learn about the connection between weight loss and ED.

Low Testosterone’s Role In Belly Fat and Erectile Dysfunction

It’s not uncommon for men who have a large amount of belly fat to also have lower than normal testosterone levels that may require treatment. In fact, men who have low testosterone levels are at an increased risk of weight gain due to high levels of estrogen and cortisol.

Low testosterone has also been linked to things such as:

  • Irritability and depression
  • Muscle loss
  • Low libido
  • Hair loss
  • Erectile dysfunction

Many studies about low testosterone have found a connection between high BMI numbers and low testosterone levels. Research has shown that losing weight does help to increase testosterone production, which can resolve erectile dysfunction or impotence.

Some men who lose weight often gain lean muscle and find that their testosterone levels return to normal, which allows them to enjoy normal sexual stamina and performance again.

How Poor Blood Circulation Negatively Impacts ED

As most men already know, achieving an erection requires increased blood flow to the penile region. There are many health conditions that can inhibit the heart’s ability to push blood efficiently throughout the body, including inflammation, hypertension, and other conditions that are often associated with obesity.

Many of these conditions damage the inner lining of the blood vessels. This makes it much harder, if not impossible, for increased amounts of blood to reach the penis in order to achieve an erection.

Those who are obese also tend to eat diets that are high in unhealthy fats, sugars, and cholesterol. Eating a low quality diet can also impact heart and circulatory health by causing the arteries to narrow and harden. This is known as atherosclerosis and also impacts the ability for blood to flow freely.

Weight Loss and Erectile Dysfunction Symptoms Due to Metabolic Syndrome

Another common condition that those with excess belly fat face is metabolic syndrome. This is a series of symptoms, such as high blood pressure and high blood sugar, along with excessive weight in the midsection. Metabolic syndrome can lead to erectile dysfunction, as the symptoms of the condition can damage the blood vessels and cause other issues with heart health and blood flow.

Can Weight Loss Help With Erectile Dysfunction?

weight loss and erectile dysfunction

The good news is that weight loss can minimize, if not completely cure, erectile dysfunction. In fact, losing weight may be the best way to restore healthy erectile function.

One study that looked at the connection between weight loss and erectile dysfunction found promising results. More than 30% of the men in the weight loss study reported regaining their normal sexual function. They also showed reduced inflammatory and oxidative markers, which can also impact the ability to get or maintain an erection.

The study also showed that men don’t have to take drastic measures in order to lose weight to cure their ED. Participants simply ate 300 fewer calories each day and exercised more throughout the week. Eating less and moving more is usually the most effective way to lose excess pounds and belly fat.

The benefit of losing weight is two-fold. First, losing weight greatly improves your physical health. Any conditions such as high blood pressure that may cause ED can be cured by simply dropping a few pounds. Eating a healthier diet will prevent further narrowing and blockages in your arteries, which allows blood to travel more efficiently.

Losing weight also offers the benefit of feeling more confident and having increased self-esteem. When you feel and look your best, it’s much easier to keep bedroom anxiety out the door. Feeling good about yourself and having a positive self-image can work wonders in regards to sexual performance and stamina.

Tips for Losing Weight and Getting Rid of Belly Fat to Help ED

losing weight belly fat to help erectile dysfunction

To get rid of belly fat and other pockets of visceral fat to help erectile dysfunction, there are several life changes that you’ll want to make. The fact is that there is no shortcut to losing weight and regaining control of your health. Losing weight and keeping it off requires long-term lifestyle changes that will serve you now and for years to come.

Some of the most effective ways to lose fat include:

  • Eating a balanced diet of lean proteins, fruits, vegetables, and whole grains
  • Swapping sugary drinks for low calorie/low sugar options
  • Drinking more water, which increases lipolysis and a loss of fat in medical studies
  • Exercising more often with a combination of resistance training, cardiovascular exercises and stretching

Manage Weight Loss to Regain Control Over Your Sexual Health

Getting rid of unwanted pounds doesn’t mean that you’re stuck eating rabbit food. It also doesn’t mean that you have to say goodbye to your favorite foods, either. Instead, eating a balanced, wholesome diet is all about limiting processed and junk foods. Focus on fresh items that offer a high nutritional value.

Aside from cleaning up your diet, exercise is just as, if not more important. Moving more throughout the day means that your body will use calories and stored fat for energy. What’s important is that you find an activity that you like.

Exercising doesn’t have to mean spending hours at the gym or hitting the pavement, it could mean incorporating kegels into your workout routine. Running and lifting weights only scratch the surface in terms of exercise. Hiking, boating, fishing, and swimming are all great options that burn plenty of calories.

But remember, you can’t exercise out a bad diet when it comes to weight loss. The key to losing weight is to embrace both healthy eating and a healthy exercise regimen.

By getting rid of excess belly fat and losing weight, you’ll notice a huge difference in your overall health. Most importantly, you can regain control over your sexual health and finally start to feel confident again in the bedroom.

If you’re having issues with erectile dysfunction and are seeking ED treatment in Atlanta or PE therapy, call the team at Priority Men’s Medical Center now to schedule an appointment to have a consultation with an experienced and specially trained medical staff.

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