Can Testosterone Therapy Help Weight Loss?

Can Testosterone Therapy Help Weight Loss

You’ve been taking small steps on eating the proper diet, exercising rigorously, and taking all the right supplements.

But at the end of the day, do you still feel like the number on the weighing scale just won’t budge?

If so, don’t worry. Many clinical treatments can assist in the reduction of subcutaneous fat.

While there are direct fat-reduction methods like fat freezing, gaining excess body fat due to hormonal imbalances entails a different mode of treatment.

Enter testosterone therapy.

In obese males with low T levels, testosterone therapy is a clinical treatment that can reduce body fat and waist circumference. It also has muscle mass-enhancing properties.

If you’re struggling to remove your body’s excess fat mass, TRT is a good option. Let’s get under the microscope to know why.

What Is Testosterone Replacement Therapy?

Testosterone replacement therapy is a restorative treatment option with one primary goal: the restoration of testosterone levels in the body. In particular, this therapy prevents symptomatic incidences caused by insufficiencies in the male sex hormone.

Testosterone is a hormone that plays a vital role in the development of male characteristics, such as muscle mass and body hair. It is also involved in the regulation of bone density, fat distribution, and red blood cell production.

Testosterone for the replacement therapy can be taken in various forms, including

  • Pills
  • Transdermal patches
  • Transdermal gels
  • Intramuscular injections

This type of therapy is effective and clinically approved too, with one study by the Endocrine Society claiming that TRT drastically raises testosterone levels of men over 45.

While the results show promise, testosterone therapy is not for everyone. It’s vital to discuss the potential risks and benefits with a local low testosterone specialist before starting testosterone therapy.

Testosterone Therapy and Weight Loss

Hypogonadism is a condition that’s categorized by testosterone insufficiency.

One primary symptom of hypogonadism is an increase in body fat percentage; and to combat this, restoring testosterone levels is the solution often prescribed by doctors.

This notion is supported by a vast amount of studies. Approximately 52% of obese men in one peer-reviewed study have been found to also have low testosterone levels.

Moreover, another study has found an inverse correlation between testosterone levels and increased waist circumference and obesity.

From these findings, it can be established that low testosterone levels and weight gain go hand-in-hand.

But, you may be wondering, how about the effectiveness of TRT?

According to one study, obese men who received testosterone therapy for six months experienced significant reductions in body fat. This proves that TRT is effective in resetting the problematic side effects low T poses.

While TRT may have some beneficial effects on body composition, it’s always best to pair it with good lifestyle habits like a healthy diet and regular exercise.

Other Benefits of Testosterone Replacement Therapy

While weight loss is a highly beneficial effect of TRT, there’s more to it than that.

Other benefits of TRT include:

1. Improves Sexual Desire

Low sexual desire can be a frustrating condition that can turn once-passion-filled nights into cold and awkward fumbling. It also often stems from low testosterone.

That said, one way to combat low libido is through testosterone therapy.

According to a recent study, more than 42% of men have claimed to notice improvements in their sexual desires following testosterone therapy.

However, if your low libido isn’t going away, it’s important to consult your healthcare provider to get a more customized treatment plan.

2. Improves Erectile Dysfunction

benefits TRT improves ED

Improving low testosterone levels can help men be cured of a plethora of side effects often associated with it. One common side effect of low T is erectile dysfunction.

Testosterone therapy can restore venous leakage in the corpus cavernosum, enabling physiologically-induced erectile function.

According to a literature survey involving 140 men, testosterone can improve erectile function. This extended over to sleep erections as well.

3. Improves Cognitive Function and Mood

Alzheimer’s, dementia, and cognitive difficulties are highly probable afflictions in men, especially the further along they progress the age spectrum. It’s not uncommon for people over 50 years with male hypogonadism to struggle with mental difficulties like brain fog.

Fortunately, undergoing regular testosterone therapy has positive effects on mood, energy, and sense of well-being, especially for older men.

A study with testosterone therapy administered to hypogonadal men has shown it to be an effective antidepressant and mood booster.

Additionally, testosterone therapy has also been proven to help enhance your cognitive ability.

There is evidence that shows a strong correlation between testosterone levels and cognitive performance, namely spatial abilities and mathematical reasoning.

Furthermore, verbal memory, verbal fluency, and working memory errors in older men have also improved following this therapy.

Alternative Ways to Lose Weight

Losing weight is a task that entails consistency, discipline, and power over your impulses. It can be easy to identify the need to lose weight, but working through your fitness goals is a different struggle altogether.

With that said, while testosterone therapy may help patients lose weight, it’s not always the best way to achieve a lean body mass. This is especially true for people who have normal testosterone levels and have no formal reason to undergo this therapy.

If you’re adamant about cutting excess fat, here are some effective methods that can give you the body shape of your dreams.

  • Start intermittent fasting
  • Reduce sugar and carbohydrate intake
  • Go on jogs thrice a week (150 minutes total)
  • Track your calorie consumption and stay below your BMI threshold
  • Eat a fiber-rich diet

If none of the above habits seem to work after a month, contact a medical professional so they can treat underlying health conditions that may be affecting your body weight.

Regain Your Vitality with Medical Support from Atlanta’s Top Male Sexual Health Clinic

Regain Your Vitality with Medical Support from Atlanta’s Top Male Sexual Health Clinic

Testosterone therapy has the potential to be an effective tool for weight loss, particularly in obese men with testosterone deficiency.

While it should not be used as a sole treatment, it may be able to give you the boost you need to maintain muscle mass and help you shed those stubborn pounds.

Need further assistance? Contact the Atlanta male clinic known as Priority Men’s Medical Center for consultation about the right testosterone treatment plan for you and other clinically-approved ways to achieve significant weight loss. We are Atlanta’s leading men’s clinic providing ED therapy, PE therapy, Low Testosterone therapy, RestoreWave therapy, hormone therapy, and much more.

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