Is It Bad to Have Sex Every Day?

Is It Bad to Have Sex Every Day

Having sex every day is not a common practice. In fact, only about 4% of the grown adult population engage in sexual activity on a day-to-day basis. That is consecutive and penetrative sex for all 365 days in a year.

If you find yourself in or near this percentage, you may be wondering if there are any health consequences to engaging in more frequent sex than others.

As long as you and your partner are on the same page sexually, there’s no inherent risk in participating in daily sex. If you’re having sex with multiple partners, you may be at a higher risk of contracting an STI than people who don’t engage in sex as often.

But if you’re weighing the risk of just the sexual act itself, then no. Sex is a completely healthy and normal activity, and you can do it every day if you so desire.

That in mind, if you have an insatiable desire for sex that’s affecting your daily life, it may be a cause of an underlying medical problem.

So, is having sex every day bad? Let’s learn more about what constitutes a healthy sex life, how much sex is too much sex, and the health benefits of regular sex.

Sex and Happiness

Having sexual urges every once in a while is completely normal; it’s a good sign of a passionate and happy romance. However, a satisfying relationship isn’t only about the sex.

Several forms of intimate touch can provide just as much pleasure as sex does. This, to name a few, includes:

  • Hugging
  • Caressing
  • Kissing
  • Cuddling

Like sex, all these activities promote the production of serotonin. These mood-boosting chemicals are vital in helping you feel happier and lighter overall.

That said, sex still comes with its own unique set of benefits. Sex is the highest expression of vulnerability and trust in your partner, and this display of closeness can be intoxicating.

One study supports this notion, claiming that there’s a heightened feeling of connection following sexual activity. This increased sense of connection is linked with many positive well-being outcomes, such as improved self-control, smaller feelings of loneliness, and greater compassion.

Then the next question becomes, does having sex daily make a difference?

According to a published report, more sex doesn’t equate to a greater sense of well-being. Men who have sex every day won’t experience a noticeably high satisfaction rate compared to men who have sex just once a week. The sexual frequency “sweet spot” also varies from person to person, so finding that happy medium between you and your partner is something that you’ll need to establish.

With all that said, a sex addiction can be a cause of concern. If your sexual desire is interfering with your life, you may be dealing with a case known as hypersexuality.

What is Hypersexuality?

Do you have a sex obsession? Is it interfering with your daily life and relationships? Is it a cause of great distress to your life?

If you answer yes to all three of these questions, you may have hypersexuality.

Hypersexuality, or compulsive sexual disorder, is categorized as an addiction or high desire to engage in sexual behavior. It’s not a disorder, but it can be debilitating for people suffering from it.

It can be a problem for partners who have a mismatch in libido, which may be due to low T levels and require therapyto improve. This can make the act of sex feel like a chore instead of a shared form of intimacy.

It’s not wrong to want to have sex all the time. If both you and your partner have a high libido and aren’t troubled by it, it’s fine to have everyday sex.

However, if your desire for sexual pleasure interferes with your daily life, you should see a sex therapist and seek medical attention immediately.

Risks of Frequent Sex

It’s important to be aware of the negative consequences of engaging in sex often. By abiding by safe sex practices, you can minimize the risks and have more satisfying sex.

Here are some risks you should know about before boosting your sexual encounters:

  • UTIs
  • STIs
  • Tenderness
  • Pain during intercourse

If you’re feeling unwell after participating in sexual intercourse, contact a doctor to get proper medical care.

3 Benefits of Sex

Benefits of frequent sex anxiety reduction sleep quality heart health

Sex in moderation can come with numerous benefits.

Here are some of the positives of having a sex-filled life.

1. Lowers Feelings of Anxiety

Sex has been shown to correlate with lower levels of anxiety and depression. This could be because sex is associated with higher levels of oxytocin, which has a calming effect on the body. Cortisol levels are also reduced when you have frequent sex.

2. Increases Sleep Quality

If you’re having a difficult time getting to bed, studies show that experiencing a climax can help you doze off much more quickly.

So, if you need all the rest you can muster before the day ahead, having a quick one with your partner can bring you closer to slumber.

3. Improves Heart Function

Did you know that having sex with your partner can improve your heart function?

Sex lowers blood pressure and can be considered a form of exercise. One study says that men burn 4 kCal per minute when participating in sex.

So, if you’re looking for ways to keep your heart healthy, being intimate with your partner may be one option.

How to Have a Better Sex Life

Everyone wants to experience pleasure. And what better form of pleasure is there than mind-blowing sex?

If you’re looking for better-quality sex, here are some tips to consider to stop feeling sexually frustrated and improve your future sexual interactions.

  1. Engage in foreplay to make sex last longer.
  2. Set the mood with dimly-lit lights, scented candles, light music, and petals.
  3. Consider spicing things up with sex toys.
  4. Get treated for sexual dysfunctions like ED.
  5. Try to engage in other forms of physical touch.
  6. Never forget the romance.

Consult Atlanta’s Leading Male Wellness Center for Medical Guidance to Combat Sexual Health Problems

Consult Atlanta’s Leading Male Wellness Center for Medical Guidance to Combat Sexual Health Problems

Sex can be best enjoyed once a day, a week, or even a month, depending on who you ask.

In some cases, a heavy reliance on sex can be a worrying case of hypersexuality or sex addiction. But for the most part, daily sex is completely natural if both partners are up for it.

Have specific sexual health concerns? Contact a doctor at Priority Men’s Medical Center today to book a consultation with an experienced and specially trained medical staff. We are Atlanta’s leading men’s clinic providing ED therapy, PE therapy, Acoustic Wave therapy, hormone therapy, and much more.

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