Have Memory Loss and Brain Fog? 7 Effects of Testosterone on the Brain

Have Memory Loss and Brain Fog Effects of Testosterone on the Brain

Do you feel like you’re not remembering as many details as you used to? Does your brain feel hazy most of the time?

Believe it or not, your testosterone could have something to do with it.

While testosterone does a great job of developing the body, you need to keep your testosterone level within the normal range. Otherwise, it’s going to start affecting how your brain functions.

Today, you’ll learn about how having too much or too little testosterone can impact your body. You’ll also learn what you can do to keep your brain working properly.

What is Testosterone’s Role in the Body?

First, let’s talk about what role testosterone plays in your body’s development. How does it work and why do you need it?

Testosterone is a sex hormone that your body needs to balance your libido. In other words, you need testosterone to have a normal sex drive. It’s also responsible for giving you some bone and muscle mass. Testosterone also aids in the production of sperm and red blood cells.

Unfortunately, the body will produce less testosterone as people grow older. 40% of people aged 65 or older have some sort of memory impairment.

That means maintaining the proper testosterone levels will become harder. And those that see signs of decreased libido might have to look into:

  • Testosterone replacement therapy
  • Testosterone supplements
  • Other treatments as suggested by medical professionals

Research suggests that low testosterone can be genetic. However, the jury’s still out on whether testosterone can help someone grow taller.

What Happens When You Have Low Testosterone?

There’s data that suggests that 2% of people who are assigned male at birth may have low testosterone.

One of the common symptoms of low testosterone is worsening cognitive function. Having low testosterone contributes to unstable brain health. Testosterone deficiency affects mental clarity — which means you could have difficulty concentrating.

Having low testosterone levels can also lead to:

  1. Nerve cell death
  2. Poor cell regrowth rate
  3. Inflamed nerves

You Could Start Forgetting Things

Yes, you can start forgetting details as your body starts producing less testosterone. You could even develop problems with your spatial and verbal memory.

That’s why people who have low testosterone should consult with a doctor to see if they should undergo testosterone treatment. It helps them remember details that they would otherwise forget.

You Could Get Confused More Easily

Getting confused is also a possibility. Some refer to this phenomenon as brain fog or mental fog. That’s when there’s a clear cognitive decline that’s affecting your ability to remember and focus.

Do you know that feeling you get when you’re sleep deprived or overworked? That point when your mind can no longer process what’s going on or be able to react to your surroundings? That’s brain fog — you absolutely don’t want that.

You Could Have Trouble Getting an Erection

You Could Have Trouble Getting an Erection low testosterone

Unfortunately, it’s true that low testosterone levels could lead to erectile dysfunction (ED). It could even result in a low sex drive. However, there are a lot of reasons why a man could get ED. Low testosterone is just one of them.

A study states that 1 in 3 men with ED also have low testosterone.

You’ll have to consult a specialist in erectile dysfunction, andropause, or low testosterone treatment to determine the root cause of the issue.

You Could Suffer from Anxiety Attacks

Have you been feeling anxious lately? Low testosterone could have something to do with that. Testosterone treatment could help you get rid of that feeling of uneasiness and fear. A doctor can recommend testosterone supplementation to get rid of all your anxiety symptoms.

You Could Become More Irritable

Irritability is yet another low testosterone symptom that men and women could develop. Yes, that’s right — your reduced testosterone can be the reason why you’ve been feeling grumpy lately. And if you don’t do anything about it, it can have an impact on the people around you.

You Could Get Depressed

Low testosterone can lead to depressive disorders. So, it’s important that you consult with a doctor right away to get to the root cause of your depressive symptoms. If it’s related to testosterone, then the doctor can recommend testosterone replacement therapy or other solutions.

But if there’s no problem with your testosterone levels, the doctor can tell you the right course of action so you can start getting better.

You Could Have Less Energy

If you feel like you don’t have enough energy to get you through the day and have difficulty focusing on a consistent basis, it could be a sign that you have low testosterone.

You could also feel like your physical strength had been reduced significantly. Seek help if this is the case.

Should You Treat Low Testosterone?

Having low testosterone is normal as you grow older. It won’t threaten your life or anything like that. So, you can go about your daily life as normal if all you’re experiencing are mild symptoms.

But if you’re suffering from memory loss and brain fog due to bad testosterone levels, you really should do something about it.

You could improve your quality of life by undergoing procedures like testosterone replacement therapy. There are also gels and patches that one could apply to raise their testosterone.

Can You Have Too Much Testosterone?

The short answer is yes but it’s highly unlikely. It’s not something the average man should worry about. But if you’re using steroids or any other substance that could elevate your testosterone, then you’ll have to check with your doctor.

If your testosterone is too high, it can result in serious problems.

For instance, high testosterone can mean lower sperm counts. Your testicles could start shrinking too. ED is also a possibility.

You could develop liver disease and high blood pressure. You could gain an unhealthy amount of weight. Parts of your body could start swelling. And you’ll be more likely to suffer from blood clots.

Then there are the sudden mood swings. Some symptoms are similar to low testosterone patients. You’ll experience irritability, brain fog, and delusions.

For reference, an adult (19 years old or older) typically has a testosterone level in the 265-923 ng/dl range.

Contact Atlanta’s Top Male Sexual Health Center for a Testosterone Consultation

Contact Atlanta’s Top Male Sexual Health Center for a Testosterone Consultation

Brain fog and memory loss are no laughing matter. If you suspect that you have low testosterone and that it’s affecting your cognitive functioning, then you’ll need to seek professional help immediately.

You don’t want your condition to worsen. There are a lot of testosterone treatment options available that could fix your problems. You shouldn’t have to suffer.

You can overcome sexual health conditions with various other methods and men’s health treatments recommended by health practitioners at Priority Men’s Medical Center in Atlanta. This includes ED therapy, premature ejaculation therapy, acoustic wave therapy, testosterone treatment, and adrenal fatigue treatment.

You don’t want your condition to worsen. There are a lot of testosterone treatment options available that could fix your problems. You shouldn’t have to suffer. Give our team a call today to schedule your appointment.

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